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Planting Collective

One of the ways we’re supporting Independent churches is by equipping them to start new churches. There’s a day-conference coming up in June designed to do just that as Andy Paterson explains.

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If we’re going to reach the 97% of people in our nation that don’t know Christ, we need churches that are faithfully proclaiming the gospel.

It sounds obvious doesn’t it? But the reality is that there are still too many towns and cities in Great Britain with little or no gospel witness. So we want to do everything we can to encourage our churches to be church planting churches.

One of the ways we’re helping to equip you for this vital task is by being part of The Planting Collective – a joint initiative between FIEC, Acts 29 and Co-Mission.

Steve Timmis, Andy Paterson and Richard Coekin on stage at Planting Collective 2015

It’s called Planting because it’s a single-issue gathering, focused on planting new churches. But it’s also called a Collective because we think that there needs to be a collaborative effort on this great gospel task as churches work together on this vital mission.

Getting Involved

Tuesday 13 June will see the second meeting of the Planting Collective in Hammersmith, London. I’d urge everyone who leads a church plant, is considering a church plant or who wants to be a church planter to come and join us for our biennial conference.

The conference in 2015

Our theme this year is “Reformed & Revived” because we think Britain needs new churches that are reformed by God’s Word and revived by His Spirit to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

We’ve got two brilliant main speakers too. Andrew Heard is joining us from FIEC Australia to speak at one of our main plenary sessions, while Steve Timmis from Acts 29 will speak in the other.

On top of that we have some really practical seminars planned to help you think through some of the common obstacles to church planting. This year the seminars will focus on growing a plant and leading a plant.

I’m hosting a seminar which will look at how we can best grow church plants across cultural divides. For example, most of us leading church plants have been brought up in a very individualistic British culture, whereas many immigrants in our nation live in community. I’ll be helping us to think through what ministry looks like in a context where honour and shame are more prevalent than guilt and innocence.

Other seminars will be led by (amongst others) Richard Coekin, Julian Rebera and Mike Tindall. Find out more information about the conference and book your ticket.

One of my great passions in serving FIEC is meeting with people who are planting new gospel-centred churches across the country. The Planting Collective is a great opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners so that those planters can be better equipped for the task.

400 people gathered with us at our first meeting in 2015 – will you join us in June to help develop your planting ministry?

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Andy Paterson - FIEC Mission Director

Andy is married to Kath and has two grown-up children. He’s a life-long Spurs supporter, a frustrated drummer and bassist, loves reading history and crime novels (there’s not much difference to him!) and walking around hills, vales and industrial heartlands.

Follow Andy Paterson on Twitter – @Andy_FIEC