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Out of Oxford – and into Derby

Derby’s Davenport Road Evangelical Church has inducted former Africa missionary Steve Titterton as its new Assistant Pastor. Roland Hill tells us more.

Out of Oxford – and into Derby primary image

Steve, who became a Christian at the age of seven, recently completed his ministry training by helping to establish the Grace Church Kidlington plant from Oxford’s Woodstock Road Baptist Church.

Prior to his training, Steve worked as a teacher in Matlock before answering God’s call to teach in Kenya with the Christian charity, Africa Inland Mission (AIM).

For more than a year, Steve worked with the semi-nomadic Rendille people in North East Kenya. He took God’s word to many of the men, women and children who had traditionally practised an animistic religion which includes prayer to the moon (which is considered a god), animal sacrifices and worship of ancestral spirits.

Living in communities whose daily routines included several hours of walking to fetch water and firewood, Steve made good progress for God, meeting individuals and small groups for regular Bible study. One of the group members was Chulayo, a teenager who is now striving to become a pastor.

Meanwhile, here at Davenport Road, we had begun praying earnestly that God would send someone to be our Assistant Pastor!

Perfect timing

We now see that God, in his perfect timing, was bringing Steve to us, via his training in Oxfordshire. This was something our members and leaders here at Davenport Road were able to celebrate when we formally welcomed Steve at his induction service over the summer.

The induction, attended by around 150 people including Woodstock Road’s Pastor, David Trebilcock, was full of praise and thankfulness to our great God.

Davenport Road’s Pastor, Andrew Knox, spoke about our long search for an assistant, and God’s timely answer to prayer at this important time in the life and development of the Christian witness here. It was particularly memorable that 30 members from Woodstock Road were able to attend the induction service too.

It was delightful that Tim Chester, Pastor at Grace Church, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, provided the teaching during the service. He focussed on 1 Kings 13. Asking “do God’s people have a future?” and “does God have a future?”, Tim said 1 Kings was a reminder that we should never despair.

He explained that God’s word is certain, God’s word brings life and God’s word is true.

Tim said: “There is, and only will be, one winner. God’s word is inescapable – it is a word of promise and certainty. His word will be fulfilled, and God always keeps his promise.”

After Tim’s teaching, the Davenport Road Elders led the commissioning of Steve and prayed for God’s guiding hand of wisdom, power and help as he undertakes his ministry and responsibilities.

To God be the glory!

Roland Hill photo
Roland Hill

Roland is a Deacon at Davenport Road Evangelical Church in Derby.