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My Dad was a Time Lord

It’s been a couple of years since we introduced churches to Mark Troughton – son of the second Doctor Who played by Patrick Troughton. We asked Mark to explain how he’s been using his family connections to help churches with evangelistic events.

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I was inspired to start thinking about how I could use my story after the FIEC Leaders’ Conference back in 2016 where the theme was evangelism. Since then I have offered churches a Doctor Who event and used this opportunity to share the gospel.

Over the past year, there have been eight churches up and down the country that have put on one of these events. They are variously entitled as ‘Son of Who’, ‘My Dad was a Time Lord’ or ‘An Evening with…’.

It’s great that other churches have expressed an interest, although diary dates haven’t permitted so far.

How it Runs

The format has been fairly standard – I tend to do a ‘Room 101’ style conversation around a coffee table with bits of Doctor Who regalia and memorabilia. I will often be surrounded by life-size daleks, ice-warriors or a mini TARDIS.

Or in its simplest form it is just a couple of armchairs and a screen on which to show clips of old episodes. Some of those have been a surprise – like a short clip of the very first film my dad was in, which was even new to me! Scary to watch your dad when you’re in your 50s and he’s half your age!

After talking about the pros and cons of acting in a popular science fiction series, the pleasures of visiting the studio, etc., the questions come. “Why didn’t you follow in your father’s footsteps?” And, “How come you became a church minister?” Answering questions like this have given opportunity to explain the gospel to those gathered.

These times of question and answers are usually followed by refreshments and maybe the results of any quiz which has taken place. Some people out there have an amazing knowledge of all things Doctor Who!

What’s been encouraging is the numbers of people who’ve come and who’ve heard the gospel. Even in smaller churches it’s been encouraging to see how the whole church has got together to organise and create an event that is not too demanding which is leading to new contacts with people in the community, which then, God-willing, leads to other possibilities.

If you would be interested in hosting a Doctor Who themed evening with Mark in your church you can contact him via the FIEC office.

Mark Troughton photo
Mark Troughton

Mark taught French, Italian and English for 10 years before retraining for church ministry. He went to Switzerland in 1994, where he worked as a pastor, trainer, Bible teacher and church planter. Mark has been pastor of York Evangelical Church since February 2004.