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Introducing Edward Connor Solicitors

On 1 March 2018, FIEC launched a brand new legal services company to support even more churches and Christian charities with professional legal advice. Gemma Adam introduces us to Edward Connor Solicitors.

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Society is very different today from the New Testament times where the early church existed.

Britain is heavily-regulated with a complex legal picture. Churches need to operate carefully if they’re going to follow Scripture’s command to obey the authorities.

That’s why I’m delighted that we’re now able to support even more churches and Christian charities by launching Edward Connor Solicitors.

It’s building on the work of FIEC Practical Services which has been providing churches with property law, charity law and human resources advice for a number of years. But one of the reasons for launching Edward Connor Solicitors is because British regulations and governance issues mean our current set-up just isn’t sustainable in the long-term.

I introduced churches to our plans at the FIEC Leaders’ Conference in November. Edward Connor Solicitors is a charitable legal services company that FIEC has established to provide churches with affordable legal support, so that you can get on with the vital work of gospel ministry in your community.

Why Edward Connor Solicitors?

The new charity is called Edward Connor because it’s implementing now, in the 21st Century, the vision of FIEC’s founder, Edward Joshua Poole-Connor. Back in 1941, EJ Poole-Connor said one of the goals of FIEC was to:

“supply information on legal and other matters affecting Christian work and to save churches and missions trouble and expense by friendly advice.”

We are continuing that vision by setting up Edward Connor Solicitors. It’s a separate charity to FIEC but is linked to the Fellowship in its governance. Just like FIEC, Edward Connor Solicitors wants to see God’s kingdom grow, by offering legal advice that allows your ministry to flourish, at a price you can afford.

ECS staff at work

Our team of qualified Christian solicitors can provide legal services not only to the FIEC family of churches (although that will continue to be a key focus) but also to other Christian groups who share our gospel aims and ethos.

What does it mean for you?

Don’t worry, legal advice is still a vital part of what FIEC offers our churches and you’ll still deal with all the same people. The difference is that this legal work will now be carried out by Edward Connor Solicitors rather than FIEC Practical Services.

Churches can still use the same advice line number to speak to someone about a legal matter and will continue to get discounted charges. FIEC Limited will still hold property for churches.

ECS staff at work

What these changes mean is that we’re actually better placed to serve you as we have an expanding team of solicitors to help with your specific needs.

So we’re really excited about the potential Edward Connor Solicitors has to help independent churches in the 21st Century to work together in that great gospel vision of reaching Britain for Christ. Please will you pray for us as we move into this new season?

Don’t forget, every FIEC church gets 30 minutes of free legal advice on every new issue every year. Just call 01858 411569 or visit


Photos by Nathan Walker Photography

Gemma Adam photo
Gemma Adam - FIEC Practical Services Director

Gemma is employed by Edward Connor Solicitors as a solicitor and leads the Practical Services team. Her husband, Richard, is Assistant Minister at Emmanuel Church, Bramcote, Nottingham and they have two young children.