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God’s Wonderful Grace

It was a joy to report on the new churches joining the FIEC family last week. One of them – Baglan Community Church – has recently held a baptism service for 11 people as Neil Tallamy explains.

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Just a few weeks ago I was privileged to baptise 11 people at the church in Baglan. Meeting up with each of them beforehand to listen to their stories of how God had met them and given them new life was thrilling.

One lady in her 30s, a former Jehovah’s Witness, attended our recent women’s weekend away. As the ladies studied Luke 7 and the account of the immoral woman, she suddenly saw herself as that woman. She cried and cried for her sin but came to Jesus believing he would receive her the way he received the woman in the story. She is now wonderfully changed.

Another man in his 30s moved into a flat opposite our Church Centre about a year ago. Each time he looked at our building he felt as though someone was telling him he needed to go there. But being someone with a drug problem he didn’t have the courage. Instead, he started watching the sermons on our livestream and reading the Bible in his flat. He was wonderfully saved even before he came to his first service and is transformed by God’s power.

A lady in her 70s came to her first service at Baglan about three months ago. She said to me on the way out: “Hello, my name’s Ann and I’m born again too.” Knowing that she had only a Catholic background as a child I thought she was probably just telling me what I wanted to hear. Then she asked to be baptised.

Before seeing her I planned out how I was going to gently let her down, until, that is, she told me how God had brought Christians into her life while looking after a dying Aunt about 40 miles away. She explained how she had heard the gospel at the Aunt’s funeral, how she was given a Gideon New Testament by the preacher and how she read it and was saved.

It was wonderful to hear how excited she was to have God in her life and the difference he had made. The preacher and his wife travelled down to us to see her baptised!

Each and every one of these 11 stories had one thing in common. God’s incredible planning, wisdom, power and grace. Salvation certainly is, from start to finish, a work that God alone does by his wonderful grace.

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Neil Tallamy

Neil is married to Hannah and he helped to plant Baglan Community Church 15 years ago. A year later he became their pastor. Neil and Hannah have three children and two foster children.

Follow Neil Tallamy on Twitter – @neiltallamy