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Free Music Resources

What do you do for sung worship on a Sunday if you’re not blessed with lots of great musicians? Colin Webster introduces us to some free resources made available by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

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Churches around the country struggle to provide good music Sunday by Sunday for sung worship.

That includes plenty of FIEC churches. It was clear during my seminar at the Leaders’ Conference in 2017 that this is a growing problem. Smaller churches especially are really keen to hear about good solutions.

As we shared our experiences during November’s seminar, mention was made of churches who use backing tracks for their sung worship using apps such as iSingWorship and Band in Hand.

While useful, these apps don’t always have the wide-range of songs and writers included that our churches might like to use. For example, there are hardly any songs by the Gettys or Stuart Townend included in the apps. As Getty/Townend songs are often sung in FIEC churches during worship services, this presents a problem.

So I’m delighted to announce that Keith and Kristyn Getty have responded to this need in our churches just in time for Easter.

They’ve kindly set up a webpage where they have provided two of their songs in the form of backing tracks. This includes full chord charts and full manuscript music in three different keys – completely free of charge! The Gettys have done this in response to the need raised by FIEC churches and it’s wonderful to be able to share their generosity with you.

Do please make use of this resource in your churches and pass the word around to others who you know might also benefit from it. We hope more songs might become available in the future.

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Colin Webster

Colin is one of the ministers at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham. He has led worship for most of his Christian life, both at the local church level as well as at national conferences such as Keswick Convention and Word Alive. Colin is married to Vicki and they have two teenage sons.

Follow Colin Webster on Twitter – @colinwsongs