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How do we live and lead in light of the world to come? David Shaw introduces us to the latest edition of our theological resource Primer which is now available.

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The 1920s is a fascinating decade. Perhaps unlike any other decade, those years are defined by the cataclysmic events of the decades before and after: they are the “inter-war years.” There is no making sense of them outside of the context.

The same can said of the present age for Christians. There is no making sense of our experience outside of the context of eschatology – the first and second comings of Jesus. Our life now is defined by those cataclysmic events.

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And yet we very often pay little attention to eschatology. We fail to grasp that the future has already broken into the present, through the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and the sending of the Spirit. And we struggle to see the enormous difference that the future should make:

  • The great hope that shakes us free from the love of this world to pursue holiness.
  • The great judgment to come that spurs on our evangelism, sets us free from people-pleasing, and strengthens our steps in the face of opposition.

And so in this issue of Primer we are thinking about the difference eschatology makes to the way we live and lead.

You’ll find a guide to explain the different ways Christians think about the future. You’ll be helped to meditate on the New Creation with Augustine as your guide. We reflect on how much the New Creation will have in common with this world. There’s a careful review of recent works on Hell, and a preacher’s guide to Revelation. And there’s help in thinking about life now, in this: the overlap of the ages.

pages from Primer 05

As ever, we’re delighted to have a range of contributors who know how to bring these truths to bear on the realities of church life and ministry. Primer issue 05 is available at the FIEC Leaders’ Conference or you can buy it online from The Good Book Company.

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David Shaw - FIEC Theological Adviser

David is the part-time Theological Adviser for FIEC and part-time Tutor in New Testament and Greek at Oak Hill Theological College. He is married to Jo and they have four children.

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