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By Women, For Women

The Scottish Women’s Bible Convention is held every Autumn with the aim of providing a day of faithful Bible teaching by women for women. Claire Cruickshank tells us about her experience of this year’s gathering.

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This was the third time I’d been to one of these conventions, so I’d been looking forward to hearing from God’s word and chatting with others about how they’d been impacted by what they’d heard. When I arrived and saw the programme I knew it was going to be a great time!

The plenaries, focusing on Romans 8, and the seminars (of which there was a wonderful selection to choose from) provided lots of food for thought and discussion. It was great to be in a room full of women from across Scotland who all loved the Lord and were keen to spend a day getting to know him (and each other) better.

I loved the mix of ages. This year, for the first time, there was a seminar stream for teenage girls.

I felt incredibly challenged by the content of Romans 8. God is so merciful in the way he works through his Spirit to strengthen those he loves. We learned that his Spirit gives us new life, justifying us before God through Jesus.


The Spirit also makes us truly human in the way God created us as it brings us to delight in Jesus, and assures us of our adoption into God’s family. We can know God as our father – and this is all his doing, not our own! It can be so easy to think that most of our relationship with God is by our own efforts. Yet it’s impossible to do this by ourselves.

One of the seminars I went to was called ‘How to be a Good Christian Friend’. We discussed the amazing benefit we have as Christian sisters (and brothers!) to help one another in our Christian faith. Even though we have been miraculously saved through faith in Jesus, this doesn’t eradicate the fact that we still struggle with sin, and our lives can be very messy. It linked well with the main teaching, as we discussed how we suffer as Christians who long for the day when sin will be gone.

I think we can be very good at turning up to church on a Sunday with a very polished “I’m fine” image. But we discussed how damaging this can be, and how important it is to have conversations with one another that expose our concerns. We learnt that we need to be honest with ourselves and others.


We also had the opportunity to learn about 20schemes – an organisation that plants churches in housing schemes (estates) in Scotland so that people living in those communities hear about Jesus.

What a very worthwhile day this was! I hope to meet you at next year’s event, and, in the meantime, would ask you to pray for all the women who attended the 2018 convention. Please pray that our knowledge of God’s word and love will continue to bear fruit daily in our lives.

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Claire Cruickshank

Claire is a ministry apprentice at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh. Before taking up this role, she graduated in Spanish and Comparative Literature, and taught English to people from abroad. In her spare time, she loves reading, watching conspiracy crime series and getting involved in exercise classes.