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A Premium for Planting

Wouldn’t it be great if something as mundane as church insurance could support church planting on the ground? Well now it can, as Gemma Adam explains.

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Insurance is a funny thing. We pay out for it every year while at the same time hoping that we’ll never need to use it! Insurance offers us peace of mind but it sometimes feels like wasted money if we don’t need to make a claim.

I’m sure our church treasurers feel the same. Every year they look at the budget and know they can’t do without insurance but it might feel like that money could be better spent on a gospel initiative.

But what if an insurance policy was able to serve the gospel even if you never needed to make a claim?

Well, FIEC Practical Services has approached a Christian insurance broker that has agreed to offer churches a policy which financially supports church planting. Moreland Insurance Brokers has agreed to donate 6% of every premium paid by an FIEC church to our Church Planting Fund.

Many church plants have benefited from a small grant from this fund to help pay for the associated legal costs involved in setting up a new church. The fund is open to applications from plants officially recognised by FIEC and so far the scheme with Moreland Insurance Brokers has raised several hundred pounds.

What’s more, Moreland promise to match or beat your church’s existing insurance premium. It means you get a fair price for your insurance renewal and at the same time you are able to support a fund which helps to get new plants from FIEC churches off the ground.

Moreland Insurance Brokers were founded by the elder of a Brethren church and continue to employ Christian staff, handling the insurance for hundreds of Independent churches.

Here at FIEC Practical Services we are really keen to support this initiative and encourage churches to consider renewing their premium through Moreland so that more money can be added to this fund to support church plants. We know a lot of FIEC churches are tied in to long-term insurance deals but you don’t have to switch providers, just renew your existing deal by using Moreland as your broker.

We pray you won’t need to use your insurance policy but this 6% donation is a good way of making sure your policy works harder.

Gemma Adam photo
Gemma Adam - FIEC Practical Services Director

Gemma is employed by Edward Connor Solicitors as a solicitor and leads the Practical Services team. Her husband, Richard, is Assistant Minister at Emmanuel Church, Bramcote, Nottingham and they have two young children.