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A New Home for PfS

In May we announced that the Prepared for Service course would be finishing in 2014. However, Trevor Archer writes about a development that will give PfS a new home.

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Following the decision in May this year that Prepared for Service (PfS) would no longer be owned and run by FIEC (which you can read about here), we are delighted to announce that Bethel Church Coventry will be taking ownership of the PfS course and will launch PfSPlus from September 2014.

How this came about is quite remarkable. On May 1st I informed the current students on the PfS course at Reading of our decision concerning the future of PfS. I reiterated that as Directors we would be very happy to see PfS taken on, owned and run by a large church or a cluster of churches.

Over lunch Darren Bovis-Coulter, a staff member at Bethel Church Coventry currently attending the PfS course, approached me to share their vision for church-based training through the Bethel WLAcademy. He has hugely benefitted from PfS and asked if they could explore with FIEC how the course syllabus might be incorporated within the training courses that they offer.

Then in early June, the current PfS Course Administrator David Cook and I met with Darren and the pastor of Bethel, Keith Foster. It soon became apparent that there was a clear alignment of vision and providence which met the criteria we had set as FIEC Directors on how PfS might be developed and owned by a church. In God’s goodness he had provided a church that were already running training courses, yet were very positive about the PfS syllabus and who had facility to add value to the course through mentoring and media facilities.

We have now reached an agreement in principle with Bethel which will enable them to take the core elements that make the PfS course unique but be free to add a number of new features – and run their own rebranded PfSPlus.

Bethel's PfSPlus course

Bethel will commence their new PfSPlus course in September 2014 in Coventry but recruitment will continue in Reading throughout 2013 and 2014 so applicants can still get a full taste of the course during interview. These developments not only secure future PfS provision but will also enable the full student experience for those whose course would have been cut short in 2014.

Please join with us in prayer as we consider the future and seek God’s continued blessings on this tried and tested course. Again we thank all those who have faithfully served PfS over the years, and look forward to the exciting transition ahead. For all these things we give God the praise and glory.

Full details of PfSPlus will be released in September 2013, so if there are those in your church who would be interested in more details then please contact Darren Bovis-Coulter at Bethel Evangelical Church office on 024 7625 6874 or by email at

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Trevor Archer - FIEC London Director

Trevor was previously FIEC Training Director but took on the role of London Director in April 2017. Before joining the FIEC staff team he was Senior Pastor at Chessington Evangelical Church. He's married to Val and they have one daughter, three sons, three daughters-in-law, three treasured grandsons and a beautiful grand-daughter.

Follow Trevor Archer on Twitter – @TrevArcher