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The Hub Conference 2019

The Hub Conference 2019 primary image


Horwood House, Mursley Rd, Little Horwood, Milton Keynes MK17 0PH


Friday 11th January 2019 at 17:00


Sunday 13th January 2019 at 14:00


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A weekend for those on their journey into ministry - whether already in training or still exploring options.

Recognising God’s call; deciding how to train; finding your first ministry role: they’re three key moments on your journey into ministry.

The Hub Conference is planned to help you and your family through these formative years and decisions. We want to help you and your church make wise and prayerful decisions about the future.

The Hub is a place…

...for those considering ministry to reflect, pray and gain wisdom from those who have done the same.

...for those in training – whether full-time, or part-time alongside a ministry or secular job – to help make the most of this unusual but precious season of life.

...for those looking for a first role to understand the breadth of ministry opportunities within the FIEC and pursue discernment for the next step.

That’s why our weekend has space to sit under God’s word; space to consider issues in seminars; space to meet experienced ministry workers and training providers; space to pray.

We’d love to meet you. We’d love to help you. We’d love to serve you as we serve the Lord Jesus together.

Main Speakers

Alongside a team of seminar speakers, we have two speakers for our main sessions together.

Nathan Howard is the Pastor of Enfield Town Community Church. He was previously an Associate Pastor at the church before leading one of their church plants for three years in nearby Edmonton.

Ian Williamson is a church planter and pastor of New Life Church, Middlesbrough. He is also a teacher at the Ragged School of Theology, which was established to provide a ministry training route that is less academic and more practical.


There are two seminar slots at The Hub Conference. The first selection tackle questions you may have about ministry and training:

  • > Is ministry for me?
    For many the most difficult question is working out whether full or part time Christian work is for you. This seminar helps you think through some of the questions you should be asking and how to prayerfully find answers.
  • > Parenting through change
    Changing job and location (perhaps more than once in the next few years) can bring stress to a family. How do you parent through these kinds of significant changes. This is a very important practical topic that many young families do not consider.
  • > Independent church ministry
    What is so special about ministry in an Independent context? Sometimes Independency is defined by what is not: but we have positive convictions about Independency and the opportunities ministry in this setting affords that we would love to share with you.
  • > Making the most of college
    For those who choose residential or part-time college it is important to think about how to make the most of these few years, especially as it relates to involvement in the local church and building a network of friends within the college environment.
  • > Choosing your first post
    For those reaching the end of a training period, it can be daunting to make decisions about where to serve next. What kind of role? What kind of church? What location? This seminar is here to help you think through the questions you should be asking and provide ideas for where some of the answers may be found.
  • > Serving in a team
    Many of us in ministry enjoy serving in teams, but it requires particular carefulness to serve in a team well, especially when you’re not ‘number 1’ or when you’re team is made up of unpaid volunteers. This seminar is here to help you think through some of the issues you will encounter and how to make the most of being in a team environment.

The second selection are focused on establishing disciplines for healthy ministry:

  • > Godliness
    McCheyne famously said that “your people’s greatest need is your personal holiness.” This seminar is here to help you think about how to fight for holiness and establish patterns that will develop progress as you continue in ministry.
  • > Prayer
    Prayer is the engine room of any Christian ministry and it is surprising how many of those serving in our churches battle in this area. This seminar is an honest look at some of the pressures and practical help to develop a robust prayer life.
  • > Evangelism
    Timothy is encouraged to “do the work of an evangelist” yet many people in ministry have few friends who aren’t Christians and even fewer opportunities to witness. How can personal evangelism become a core component of your ministry life?
  • > Service
    Ministry is – by definition – about service. We follow the servant King. What does it mean to be a servant leader – shepherding the flock whilst remaining humble and servant-hearted? How do we have the right attitude without becoming a ‘doormat’?
  • > Self-discipline
    Many people in ministry are left to their own devices. Some tend to laziness. Others tend to overwork. How can we establish healthy patterns of self-discipline that honour the Lord and serve our church and family?
  • > Marriage
    This seminar will help you to give careful thought to your marriage, how ministry will impact it and how you can make your marriage flourish. If you’re coming as a couple to the conference then please attend this seminar together.
  • > Singleness
    What does singleness in ministry look like? How can we rejoice in singleness and make the most of it, develop meaningful relationships, but also put in place checks and balances to guard against sin?

You (and your spouse if they’re attending) will be asked to choose your preferred seminars when you book.

Venue and Cost

We’ll gather at Horwood House – a superb venue near Milton Keynes. The conference will begin with an evening meal on Friday 11 January and close with lunch on Sunday 13 January.

The conference costs £180 per person or £300 for a married couple and includes your accommodation and all your meals. We offer a reduced rate for married couples because we think it’s really important that you travel on this journey together – so please try and attend alongside your spouse.

At FIEC, we want to encourage Independent churches to be training the next generation of gospel workers. That’s why we subsidise the cost of this conference. But we also suggest your church offers to pay half your cost of attending The Hub. If you haven’t spoken to your church leadership about this, please do so.

If cost is still prohibitive, please contact our Training Director Adrian Reynolds. We don’t want financial issues to prevent anyone attending and Adrian will deal with enquiries like this in the strictest of confidence.


Book your place by clicking ‘Book now’ towards the top of this page.

Please note: You cannot book for The Hub Conference without a reference from one of your church leaders. Please save the form to your computer before you begin filling it in; do not complete it in your browser. Mac users: Please complete the form using Adobe Reader and not Mac Preview. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Download the reference form.

Any Questions?

If you need more information about The Hub Conference then please contact Dani McCalla (FIEC Events Coordinator).