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The Hub Conference 2018

The Hub Conference 2018 primary image


Horwood House, Mursley Rd, Little Horwood, Milton Keynes MK17 0PH


Friday 12th January 2018 at 19:00


Sunday 14th January 2018 at 14:00


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A weekend for those on their journey into ministry - whether already in training or still exploring options.

If you’re exploring the call to full-time ministry, you’ll have a lot of questions.

Some will be simple, others more complex – there might even be one or two that you think sound a bit stupid.

The Hub Conference is the place for you. We want to equip you for the next steps of your ministry journey. So come and ask all your awkward questions, whatever stage you’re at.

Are you considering the call? Take the whole weekend to reflect and pray.

Are you considering training? The best Bible Colleges come to The Hub.

Are you considering a first ministry role? You can speak to experienced FIEC pastors and church workers about it.

chatting at The Hub

The Hub Conference is designed to answer all your questions – wherever you are on the journey. The programme has plenty of room for teaching, prayer and fellowship. What’s more, it takes place in a relaxed setting away from all your usual distractions.

So come and join us. After all, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.


Whatever ministry you are exploring in the local church, The Hub Conference is designed to equip you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As well as great teaching in the main plenary sessions, there are also seminars designed for those who are exploring ministry, along with the opportunity to meet experienced gospel workers.

a seminar at The Hub

These workers are serving in all kinds of different situations from student centres to tough housing estates, from church plants to established ministries. A key part of the weekend is your opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with one of these workers (or a couple if you are married) who will offer feedback to your church leadership.

This is a vital part of our partnership with your local church and is designed to help your church to guide your next steps. It also gives you an opportunity to see FIEC at work as we help Independent churches to work together to reach Britain for Christ.

The Hub Conference will also include a substantial bookstall provided for us by 10ofThose.
Adrian Reynolds


Our main speaker this year is Adrian Reynolds. Adrian is the FIEC Training Director and previously served as one of the leaders of The Proclamation Trust. He has also served as Associate Minister of East London Tabernacle and before this he pastored Yateley Baptist Church.

He will be helping us to think through the theme of “progress” in our main plenary sessions.


There are two seminar slots at The Hub Conference. The first seminars (HubCORE) are repeated every year. The second slot of seminars (HubPLUS) are linked to our theme of “progress”.

HubCORE seminars

  • Marriage and ministry – Thinking clearly about the privileges and challenges of being both married and in ministry, especially during the early years. How do we cope with competing priorities? How does the all-consuming nature of ministry affect how we protect and nurture our marriages? Input for both husbands and wives. What about the tension between home family and church family?
  • Singleness and ministry – Many people embark on ministry as a single. How can we rejoice in singleness and make the most of it, develop meaningful relationships, but also put in place checks and balances to guard against sin?
  • Is ministry for me? – For those thinking about ministry. How should I think about ministry and make decisions about the future? What issues should I be considering? This seminar will also include help for thinking through how to plot a sensible path ahead for the next few years, as well as making key decisions.
  • Making the most of college – For those starting or just started college courses. Your time at college can be precious and must be useful – but how to make the most of it? What is the right balance between church, college and home? How should a placement work? How involved in my placement church should I get? How do I make the most of the college community but not neglect church life? What about the relationship with my sending church?
  • Choosing your first post – For those looking for their first role. Making decisions about how and where to start in ministry can be complex. What kind of position should I be looking for? Where? What kind of church – does it even matter? How can I make the most of these first few years as an Assistant, particularly if I’m working for a more senior guy? Should I go and be a senior pastor in a smaller church straight away?
  • Independent ministry – For those looking for their first role. Right at the start, it is important to understand the key foundations underpinning independent ministry and how these affect the role of an Assistant or new Pastor. How do elderships actually work in practice? What should be my relationship to other church members? What should my wife or husband do? What does it mean to be part of a team and how to I find my place in it?

HubPLUS seminars

  • Fighting sin, staying pure – I want to progress in godliness, but need help thinking practically about what it means to battle against sin and to experience the victory that I know Christ has won. This seminar will include both Bible teaching and practical wisdom, especially concentrating on some of the besetting sins of ministry.
  • Progress in speech – This seminar is more focused on one particular issue which is not given enough attention. Many of us struggle with what we say. Some of us are too quick to speak. We sometimes find it easier to knock people down, rather than build them up, especially if they’ve been critical. How do we use our tongues wisely and, just as importantly, how do we progress?
  • Using time wisely – A key element of godliness is personal time management. Apart from some key deadlines (e.g. Sunday preaching), much of ministry is unstructured. This flexible nature can fuel two sins: overwork and laziness. How do we manage time wisely and serve our people well?
  • Growing in gifting – Paul urges Timothy to grow in gifting. How can we, as gospel workers, think self-critically about our gifts and establish patterns that set us up for a lifetime of learning? This may cover some of the ‘harder’ gifts like preaching and teaching or some of the ‘softer’ ones like emotional intelligence or counselling skills.
  • 1-to-1 pastoral ministry – One particular form of ministry is personal, not public. This is more than simply ‘reading the Bible’ with someone, but being able to minister to individuals on a 1-2-1 basis. How do we learn to do that well and develop in this area, especially when we’re helping people who are different from us, e.g. in age?
  • Staying the course – Part of our aim in ‘Progress’ is to stay the course in ministry. There are lots of potential pitfalls along the way and we need to understand what these are and how to fend them off. How can we set ourselves up at the start of ministry to be leaders who last?

You’ll be asked to choose your preferred seminars when you book.


We’ll gather at Horwood House – a superb venue near Milton Keynes. The Hub Conference will begin with an evening meal on Friday 12 January and close with lunch on Sunday 14 January.

The weekend costs £175 per person or £295 for a married couple and includes the Conference, your accommodation and all your meals. We offer a reduced rate for married couples because we think it’s really important that you travel on this journey together – so please try and attend alongside your spouse.

chatting at The Hub

At FIEC, we want to encourage Independent churches to be training the next generation of gospel workers. That’s why we subsidise the cost of this conference. But we also suggest your church offers to pay half your cost of attending The Hub. If you haven’t spoken to your church leadership about this, please do so.

If cost is still prohibitive, please contact our Training Director Adrian Reynolds. We don’t want financial issues to prevent anyone attending and Adrian will deal with enquiries like this in the strictest of confidence.

Click to book online. When booking, you (and your spouse if attending) will need to select your preferred seminars.

Also, as part of the booking process we require a short reference from one of your church leaders. The reference form can be downloaded above or here. Please save the form to your computer before you begin filling it in; do not complete it in your browser. Mac users: Please complete the form using Adobe Reader and not Mac Preview. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Children: Unfortunately there is no facility for children to be accommodated at The Hub Conference and so couples with children are encouraged to make arrangements with family or friends for childcare during the weekend. Those with babies are also encouraged to seek alternative childcare provision, but if this is not practical then please contact our Events Coordinator.


If you need more information about The Hub Conference then please contact Dani McCalla (FIEC Events Coordinator).