Adrian Reynolds: Associate National Director

Adrian has been our Training Director since April 2017. He previously served as one of the leaders of The Proclamation Trust and as Associate Minister of East London Tabernacle. Before this he pastored Yateley Baptist Church. Adrian started his working life as a Chartered Accountant and specialised in training as well as working as a senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry, latterly focusing on change management.

Adrian became a Christian on a Crusader camp in 1981 and ended up marrying the local Crusader leaders’ daughter, Celia in 1991. They have three daughters, two of whom are married. Adrian is a keen musician and cyclist and enjoys both reading and writing. He is the author of several books and commentaries, including two in our FIEC Ministry Journeys series To Fly To Serve and Glorious Union. He is an Elder at Christchurch Market Harborough.

Adrian particularly likes ink pens.

Follow Adrian Reynolds on Twitter – @_adrianreynolds

Adrian Reynolds photo