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honouring our past - investing in our future

When FIEC was founded, George V was on the throne. We had yet to see the Second World War, the first man on the moon, or full voting rights for women. There was no penicillin, Velcro or ball point pens. Nobody had a TV in their home – let alone mobile phones or computers – and the internet was inconceivable.

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So much has changed since 1922!

Today FIEC is a family of over 500 churches – and we’re still growing. We’re truly thankful to God that after 90 years our Fellowship remains committed to its founding vision: to support the ministry of local churches, so that together we might impact our nation.

We can’t predict what the future holds for life here in the UK, but realistically it won’t get easier for Christians to live and practice. So as we move forwards we want do everything we can to help our churches thrive within the communities God has placed them. The current work of FIEC will continue to be funded by church donations, but in the ten years leading up to our 100th anniversary, in Gods goodness, we want to do more.

How you can help

We would love you to consider supporting our family of independent churches. If FIEC is to do more to encourage and equip churches then we need your help.

This year we are looking for 1000 people to commit to praying for the work of FIEC and to giving £7.50 a month. If just two people in every FIEC church do this then with Gift Aid we will easily reach our target of raising an extra £100,000 a year. This money will have a direct effect on gospel churches and those being trained to serve them.

If you would like to partner with us in our work then please download and complete the form above and return it to our office. If you have any questions then please contact us.

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